Our services

Creative content production

Parce Que Films has had numerous and amazing collaborations with multiple studios like, Moment Factory (for more than ten years), Noisy Head, Flo4t and Creative Nation just to name a few.

Line producer

Wether it be publicity, creative, televised or film content, Parce Que Films has a highly skilled team and high-tech equipments at your disposition in order to bring to life your most complex vision from A to Z. We film in water, with fire or in the air.

Music videos

Parce Que Films has made its name by producing over a 100 music videos since its humble beginnings. By doing so, we have been recognized by our peers, cumulating more than a dozen local and international awards for our craft.

Live show recording

Since the past ten years, Parce Que Films has captured once in a life time moments of live concerts of some of the best artists like, Arcade Fire in 16mm at la Place des Arts, Metric in T.O., Yann Perreau and Patrice Michaud for Radio Canada. Name the event and we will capture the moments.


Parce Que Films loves making use of their skills in order to produce your advertisement projects. We can literally do anything for you! Come and put our 15 years of experience in this domain to the test. We walk on earth but we  play with all the elements. Water, fire, and air, in or out of the studio, our talented team will make it come true. Let us conceptualize your ideas and you will not be disappointed!

TV and Documentary production

Parce Que Films has accumulated several hours in TV production. Some of our work includes 3 traveling series for Canal Evasion and one documentary on music.

Film production

Parce Que Films already has two features and a few short ones, in animation and fiction. We are currently developing different movies at the moment. We are curious and always looking forward to working with new directors and screenwriters.